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Welcome to Cyberkoshki Siberians!   We are a small, home-based Siberian cattery located near St. Louis, MO! 

Thank you for visiting our website!  We got our start when our owner, Lucy Drury, purchased her first Siberian in 2011, a 3 year-old retired show cat as a pet from a local breeder, Slava Siberians,  when cat allergies suddenly became a thing in their family!  Prior to that, all Lucy's cats had been rescues of some sort, either adopted from shelters or kittens from family and friends.   She fell in love with the breed, and two years' later took the leap and started helping Sherrie Phelps, the owner of Slava Siberians show a promising six-month old kitten, BB.  BB, later known as GCD, BW, RW Slava Better Believe It,  lived up to his promise, earning his Grand Champion title in only three shows, finishing second best of breed in the CFA 2013-14 show season and best of breed in 2014-15.  BB was the very first Siberian to earn the CFA title Grand Champion of Distinction, a title granted to cats who earn at least 3o finals in each of three seasons.   Lucy continued to show Slava cats, who earned many more CFA titles.   You can read about those cats in our Retired cats section.    In 2015, Lucy registered her own cattery, Cyberkoshki Siberians, to establish her own identity as a Siberian exhibitor.  The name Cyberkoshki is a play on words - at the time, Lucy was the Cybersecurity Manager for a large healthcare organization, and "koshki" is the anglized word for "cats" in Russian.   Although she didn't know it at the time,  the phase "Super cats" translates to "Cуперkошки" in Russian, looking and sounding a great deal like "Cyberkoshki".  The first cat to bear the Cyberkoshki cattery name was GPD, NW Slava Charisma of Cyberkoshki, the very first adult Siberian to earn the CFA Allbreed National Winner title, and is still is only one of two Siberians who have thus far earned the CFA National Winner title.   Near the end of 2016, Lucy took the plunge and began to produce her own kittens, first as co-breeder with Slava and soon after, acquired her own breeding female from the Taiga Star Cattery in Russia, Taiga Star Ol'Gerda, aka "Duchess".  She produced her first solo litter a year later - there were only two kittens in that litter - a boy and a girl, but what a litter it was!  The boy, Caleb, eventually became GC, BWR, RW Cyberkoshki Call Me Faithful - Cyberkoshki's first home-bred Breed Winner, and to date, the sire of 21 blue tabby kittens.   You can read more about Caleb and our other breeding cats on our Breeding Cats page.  By 2019,  Lucy was well established as a top Siberian exhibitor and showing kittens of her own breeding.  However, her cattery was about to take on an entirely new dimension when a mutual friend spotted her five month-old blue lynx point and white Siberian kitten Snowball, eventually known as GP, RW Cyberkoshki Moonlite Imaginations at a show and sent a picture of him to her friend, Trisha Seifried, owner of Got Pet-ential Animal Talent and a former lead trainer for Seaworld, Busch Gardens, and Purina Farms.   They discovered that they lived only about 10 miles a part, and several months later, Snowball and younger brother Stanley, also a blue lynx tabby and white, went to live with Trish.    Seeing cat behavior through Trish's eyes was eye-opening, and Lucy began to change dramatically how she prepped her cats for show and how she socialized her kittens.   You can read more about our philosophy on raising and socializing kittens on our kittens page.    Through Got Pet-ential, Lucy's cats     Lucy's cats Sarah, Jordan, and Mikey Jr., along with their co-owned cats Snowball, Stanley, Halle, and Story began appearing in national and global advertising.  Story is not only co-owned by Trish and Lucy, he is also co-bred. They imported Danny, CH, RW Taiga Star Shooting Star, and purchased Velma, GC, AW Folie a Deux Velma Kelly from the Boston based cattery Folie a Deux.   Velma's sire Slava Billy Flynn of Folie a Deux was a member of the aforementioned co-bred litter with Slava, so Lucy was happy to welcome those lines back into the cattery.   Story was part of Danny and Velma's first litter of four born Jan 30th, 2022, and was aptly named Cyberkoshki The Greatest Story.  Story has already had a successful show career as a kitten, and is a fearless working cat.   Story, at the tender age of 7 months,  worked his first convention, 2022 Superzoo in Las Vegas  as a contractor for Hill Science Diet, charming  the booth visitors with his "high fives" and sweet disposition, and was selected by two different major pet food vendors as a model for set and commercial work the following month.   He truly is our "Greatest Story".  You can read more about Story and our other cat models on our Working Cats page.  Lucy is also a member of the CFA Siberian Breed Council, an award-winning staff writer for CFA's Cat Talk Magazine, a member of the Cat Writers' Association, and also collaborated with Trish to produce a mobile app, CatBoss TV CatTraining, now available for iPhone and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.    ​ ​ ​

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We currently have two active kings and one future king.   Learn more about them and our retired kings on our Kings page! 

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We currently have two active queens and two future queens.  Learn more about them and our retired queens on our queens page!

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There are many fine Siberians breeders world wide, but we believe our kittens are some of the best Siberians in the world.   Learn why and about current availability on our kittens page!

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Siberians are highly sought after as animal actors and models because of their easy going personalities, intelligence, and trainability.  Many of our former and current show cats have been hired for commercial work!  Learn more about them on our Working Cats Page!

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