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Cyberkoshki Siberians


Our Great Story

Welcome to Cyberkoshki Siberians!   We are a small, home-based Siberian cattery located near St. Louis, MO! 

Our cattery name was registered by its owner, Lucy Drury,  with the Cat Fanciers' Association on May 1st, 2015.  She had no plans to become a breeder at the time, but had been exhibiting Siberians for not quite 2 years, attending her first show in August 2013, as a new exhibitor.  The name of the cattery is a play on words - "Cyber" coming from her then career as an IT security manager for a very large healthcare firm, and "koshki" coming from the anglicized version of the plural Russian world for cats."   Her first show cat, the then kitten GCD, BW, RW Slava Better Believe It owned and bred by Sherrie Phelps, was so successful, he became the Siberian Best of Breed Siberian winner for the 2014 - 2015 Show Season.  

Lucy began her career as a breeder in the fall of 2016 and on Nov 14, 2016, not quite two weeks after she retired from her IT career, the first litter was born in her home, co-bred with Sherrie and bearing the Slava cattery name.  She began her solo breeding career the following year, importing a female, Taiga Star Ol'gerda, from the Taiga Star cattery in Russia.  She would import two more cats from Taiga Star, traveling to Russia herself in Jan. 2019 to pick up CH, RW Taiga Star Freya of Cyberkoshki from her now Russian friends.   To date, Lucy has bred and / or shown:

  • Four CFA Breed Winners

  • One female Distinguished Merit (gives birth to 5 or more Grand Champions or Grand Premiers)

  • Three Grands of Distinction (including the very first Siberian Grand of Distinction)

  • One National Winner

  • Many Regional Winners

  • Many Grand Champions/ Grand Premiers. 

Many breeders say they have show quality cats, but Cyberkoshki Siberians have been put to the test in many shows and in front of many judges,  and have come out on top not only in their breed, but among all breeds! 

Our Great Cats



We currently have two active kings and one future king.   Learn more about them and our retired kings on our Kings page! 

CBTV0424 2_edited.jpg


We currently have two active queens and two future queens.  Learn more about them and our retired queens on our queens page!



There are many fine Siberians breeders world wide, but we believe our kittens are some of the best Siberians in the world.   Learn why and about current availability on our kittens page!



Siberians are highly sought after as animal actors and models because of their easy going personalities, intelligence, and trainability.  Many of our former and current show cats have been hired for commercial work!  Learn more about them on our Working Cats Page!

Our Great Clients

Our commitment to our clients is to place healthy, well-adjusted cats and kittens in their home, and our commitment to the cats that we help enter this world is that we will find them the best home possible, and support them and their humans for their entire life.  Enjoy these pictures of our graduates and read what their humans say about them and us! 

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