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Our Kittens

Are Paw Up Some of the Best Examples of the Siberian Breed You Will Find Anywhere...And We have the Titles and Videos to Prove It!

Current Litters

While we don't typically post pictures of current litters, we currently have two young litters of 5 each on the ground and are expecting a third around June 1st, 2022. We know people are eager to see the pictures of their prospective new babies, but with this many clients at one time, it's nearly impossible to accommodate everyone in a timely manner, particularly when the kittens still need to grow and develop before we can match them up with their new homes.  As it's fairly easy to post new pictures on these carousels, I will add pictures and videos as I take them here so everyone can see them rather than send out individually.  These kittens are not available but they will clear out most of my waiting list, so if you are interested in one of our kittens there should be availability in the fall litters.  



The first thing most people want to know is if we have kittens...the answer to that currently is yes, we do, but generally they are all sponken for by people on our waiting list.  We don't charge to be on our waiting list, so some people do move on when they find another kitten.  We are a-ok with that and expect it.   As long as demand exceeds supply, we will never charge to be on our waiting list because we want to you to get that new best friend as soon as you can.  We are a small cattery and have about 4 inquiries for every kitten we produce.  People currently on our list wait an average of 6 - 9 months, sometimes as long as a. year.   It is nearly impossible for us to keep the website up to date with our current litters and availability, so if you would like to know current wait times and availability, please fill out the contact form below.  Sometimes the contact form gets blocked by my email filters, so if you don't hear from me within a few days, please email me at



After availability, cost is the next most frequent question we get in inquiries.  Our kittens start at $2,500, which  includes

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Microchip

  •  Spay / neuter (done by my vet or rebate of $200 when done by yours)

  • At least two comprehensive exams by vet

  • Health tested parents

  • Genetic health warranty (conditions apply)

  • Health letter or certificate from my vet and all veterinary records on request

  • Parents and kittens registered with Cat Fanciers' Association (TICA eligible). Currently, at least one parent is a CFA Grand Champion or Regional Winner with multiple Breed Winners in their pedigrees.  Many breeders claim to have show quality kittens, but few can match the success in the show ring of our cats.  

  • Personally delivered to your home (up to six hour drive one-way included in cost)

  • Crate and harness training

  • Beginning trick training (sit, high five, etc)

  • Goody bag

  • Written contract

  • No deposit required to be on wait list - $300 deposit due when one or more kittens are available for reservation.  

  • Lifetime support - we are happy to answer any questions you have as they grow and develop.   


We primarily produce brown and blue tabbies, with or without white.  We also get an occassional golden tabby, and with the addition of Fleur we can produce red and creme, and colorpoints depending on who the sire is.  Please check out our "Cat Colors" page (under construction) for a description of these colors and cat colors in general.  Knowing a little about color genetics go a long way in preventing you from getting scammed by a con artist or assessing how knowledgeable your chosen breeder is about cat genetics.  For example, two brown cats will never produce a silver or a red cat, but they might produce a blue (grey) or a colorpoint (but never a red or silver colorpoint).  A surprising number of cat breeders do not understand color genetics or feline genetics in general.  We believe a basic understanding of feline genetics is necessary for a breeder to make good decisions when selecting breeding pairs.  

Our Breeding Philosophy

Our goal is to raise healthy, well-adjusted kittens that walk into your home confident and ready to be a part of your family.   To do that, we take a different approach than many breeders you may contact.   If you research breeders, you may have a checklist of things to ask a breeder about their kittens.   Here's our answers to those common questions, and our explanation as to why we might do things a bit different than some of the others.