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Our Crew

We often get asked who our favorite cat is...and just like with our children, we refuse to answer that question!  They are all special and all unique. Siberians have personalities like no other cat. All breeders will tell you their breed is special, but ask our clients who have had multiple breeds, and they will all tell you that a Siberian is a unique and wonderful creature.  Each one of our Siberians has a story we would like to share .   Our cats are not just breeding cats - they are show cat, models, or pets - or a combination of all of those things!  We make a lifetime commitment to our cats, whether they stay with us or we find them that perfect home.  We will list all of their bios here - including our litters, and from time to time write about them in our blog pages.  

GC, GP Cica Myyor Dar Yaroslavovich Black

  • Call Name:  "Major"

  • DOB: 2/25/2008

  • Color: Black Silver Classic Tabby

  • Sire: Cica's Yaroslav Zhandarovich Black

  • Dam: Cica's Tamara Fawn-Fanovna

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2011)

    • CFA Grand Premier (2014)

  • Notes:  Major came to us in the fall of 2011 from the Slava Cattery as a retired show/breed cat when he was three years old.   We had recently lost our part Maine Coon rescue cat Sylvester to undiagnosed HCM at the age of 6, and due to our acquistion of a highly allergic son-in-law in 2006, we decided to attempt to reduce the allergens in our home and give Siberians a try.   To our daughter's delight, her husband could tolerate a Siberian and her catless days were soon over.  Even if it hadn't been a successful experiment, Major moved in to our lives and hearts, and we fell in love with the breed.   Major is 15 and still going strong!

GCD, BW, RW Slava Better Believe It

  • Call Name:  "BB"

  • DOB: 2/7/2013

  • Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire: GC, BW, RW Kotchera Carmel Corn

  • Dam: GC Bold Beauty Elisaveta Dosifeevna

  • Breeder: Sherrie Phelps

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2013)

    • CFA Grand Champion of Distinction (2015-16)

    • CFA Best of Breed Siberian (2014-2015)

    • CFA 2nd Best of Breed Siberian (2013-14, 2015-16)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 4th Best Cat (2013-14)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 5th Best Cat (2014-15)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 15th Best Cat (2015-16)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 21st Best Cat (2017-18)

  • Notes:  BB was our first show cat and I fell into the hobby quite accidentally.   While my daughter was on the Slava waiting list for a kitten after the successful allergy test with Major, BB's breeder offered BB to her but with the stipulation that she be able to show BB to his Grand Champion title.  She thought BB was a quite promising show cat but didn't want to keep too many cats in her home.  She would also need to place a second kitten with her at no charge, because solitary cats don't usually make good show cats.   Our daughter declined, not wanting to push her allergy luck with her husband.  I thought it sounded like a blast, plus I didn't need the second cat - I had Major.   The rest, as they say, is history.  


GPD, NW Slava Charisma of Cyberkoshki

  • Call Name:  "Mikey Junior"

  • DOB: 4/10/2013

  • Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire: GC, GP, RW Slava Magnificent Love

  • Dam: CH Kotchera Sweet Melody of Slava

  • Breeder: Sherrie Phelps

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Premier (2015)

    • CFA Grand Premier of Distinction (2017-18)

    • CFA National Winner 13th Best Cat in Premiership Regions 1-9 (2016-2017)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 9th Best Cat in Premiership (2015-16)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner Best Cat in Premiership (2016-17)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 19th Best Cat in Premiership(2017-18)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 10th Best Cat (2019-20)

  • Notes:  Mikey Jr. started his show career at the age of 4 months with his breeder. She decided to focus on BB and placed MJ in a pet home, but in a long story that will be related in a future blog, he was back with us as a pet just after his first birthday, then just before his birthday, hit the show halls again - becoming the very first Siberian to win a Regional Best Allbreed Cat in Premiership and also became the first (and still only) Siberian to earn a National Winner title.  MJ earned his Grand Premier of Distinction a year later, and still occassionally graces the show halls.  MJ also has had a few modeling jobs, working for both Boehringer Ingelheim and Elanco.  

CH Charodey Moonlite Serenade, DM

  • Call Name:  "Sarah"

  • DOB: 5/30/14

  • Color: Brown Patched Tabby and White

  • Sex:  Spayed Female

  • Sire: SGC,RW(TICA) Altyn Onix Gloria of Charodey

  • Dam: QGC (TICA) Charodey Ksusha

  • Breeder: Natalya Tardif

  • Titles:

    • CFA Champion 2017

    • CFA Distinguished Merit 2019 - 20 (5 or more GC/GP)

  • Litters:  ​

    • Four boys - 11/14/2016​ - sire GC, GP Slava Magnificent Love

      • GC, BWR, RW Slava Billy Flynn of Folie a Deux​

        • Best of Breed 2021-22​

        • 2nd Best of Breed 2017-18

      • GP Slava Lovely Sunrise ("Sunny")

      • "Moose" - red classic tabby

      • "Issac' - brown classic tabby

    • Three boys, one girl - 9/28/18​  - sire GCD, BWR, RW Slava Imagine My Surprise

      • GC, RW Cyberkoshki Moonlite Mirage ("Bear")

        • 2nd Best of Breed 2019-20​

      • GP, RW Cyberkoshki Sunrise Miracle ("Lion")

      • GP, RW Cyberkoshki Moonlite Imaginations ("Snowball / Bali")

      • "Mila" - tortie lynx point female

    • Two boys, one girl - 5/1/19​ - sire GCD, BWR, RW Slava Imagine My Surprise

      • GP, RW Cyberkoshki Moon River ("Jordan")​

      • Cyberkoshki Imagine My Victory ("Stanley")

      • CH Cyberkoshki Imagine My Glory ("Gloria")

  • Notes: Sarah was co-owned with Slava until her spay shortly after her last litter.   Sarah gave birth to magnificent kittens as evidenced by achieving a Distinguished Merit title with only three litters, but everyone of her deliveries was difficult for her, and we reluctantly decided to spay her.   But don't grieve for us!  Sarah became one of the feline faces of Hills Prescription Diet, appearing in internet ads across the globe in multiple languages, as did three of her kittens: Snowball, Stanley, and Jordan.   Sarah is one of our forever cats and continues to be available as a model through our friends at Got Pet-ential.  

GC, RW Slava Call Me Regal

  • Call Name:  "Buddy"

  • DOB: 5/28/2015

  • Color: Blue Spotted Tabby

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire:  Monte Ne Gavriel of Slava

  • Dam: Slava A Kiss to Remember

  • Breeder: Sherrie Phelps

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2016)

    • CFA 2nd Best of Breed Siberian (2016-17)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 14th Best Cat(2016-17)

  • Notes:  Buddy had a short but impactful show career.   Unfortunately, the poor guy suffers from horrendous car sickness before the car has gone a half-mile.   He also sired one litter that produced one of our foundation males - GC, BWR, RW Cyberkoshki Call Me Faithful (Caleb).   He lives in comfortable retirement with us and his BFF Joey.  

GCD, BWR, RW Slava Imagine My Surprise

  • Call Name:  "Joey"

  • DOB: 9/18/2015

  • Color: Seal Lynx Point

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire:  GC, BWR, RW Slava Butterscotch Kiss

  • Dam: CH Kotchera Sweet Melody of Slava

  • Breeder: Sherrie Phelps

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2016)

    • CFA Grand Champion of Distinction (2018-19)

    • CFA Best of Breed Siberian (2016-17, 2017-18)

    • CFA 3rd Best of Breed Siberian (2018-2019)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 13th Best Kitten (2016-17)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 2nd Best Cat (2016-17)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 5th Best Cat (2017-18)

    • CFA Region 6 Regional Winner 13th Best Cat (2018-19)

    • TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter (2022)

    • TICA Great Lakes Region Regional Winner 25 Best Alter (2022-23)

  • Notes: Joey is arguably our most successful show cat, and possibly the most successful Siberian ever in CFA.  Not only did he earn three breed winners (two bests) and four regional wins, one as a kitten, but he finished as high as 2nd Best Allbreed Cat in Championship in his Region - it's safe to say no Siberian has finished higher in Championship because no Siberian has ever finished as a Best Cat in their region.  He is also one big bundle of love.   More often than not he is in my lap when sitting down, and he knows no strangers either in our home or on the road.   He is one amazing ambassador of the breed.   

Kittens Faith and Caleb

Taiga Star Ol'Gerda

  • Call Name:  "Duchess"

  • DOB: 08/06/2016

  • Color: Blue Lynx Point

  • Sex:  Spayed Female

  • Sire: RW SGC (TICA), IW SGCH (ICU), Ch. World (WCF) , Antey Velikii Ohotnik

  • Dam: Fantasy Taiga Star

  • Breeder: Olga Korbasova

  • Litters:  ​

    • One boy, one girl - 12/16/2017 - sire GC, RW Slava Call Me Regal​

      • GC, BWR, RW Cyberkoshki Call Me Faithful ("Caleb")​

      • Cyberkoshki Call Me Yours ("Faith")

  • Notes: I fell in love with colorpoint Siberians ("Neva Masquerade" to some) while showing Joey and obtained his breeders permission to breed him to a yet to be named girl.  I wasn't quite ready to take that plunge when I spotted  Duchess in a Facebook post by her breeder.   ​​She was everything I wanted in a girl - only problem was she was in Russia!  Still, I contacted her breeder and she referred me to the young couple in Moscow who owned the dam and was raising the litter.   I quickly grew to like and trust my fellow breeders across the ocean, and Duchess was brought from Moscow to Denver when she was 4 months old.  I eventually visited my new friends in person Jan, 2019.   More about her and my other Russian imports in a future blog.  Duchess lives with us in happy retirement.

  • Call Name:  "Sunny"

  • DOB: 11/14/2016

  • Color: Blue Mackerel Tabby

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire:  GC, GP, RW Slava Magnificent Love

  • Dam: CH Charodey Moonlite Serenade of Slava

  • Breeder: Sherrie Phelps/Lucy Drury

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Premier (2018)

  • Notes: ​Sunny was from the first litter born and raised at our home, a litter of 4 co-bred with Slava Siberians.    Sunny was quite a bit smaller than his littermates but oh, so cute! Our son was soon to be married, and I decided to keep him as a gift to the newlyweds.   They weren't ready for a cat initially, so I kept him with me until he was about a year old.  Though on the small side, he did surprisingly well as a show cat and I was able to finish his Grand Premier title soon after he went to live with our son and his wife.  

  • Sunny is the reason I try to deliver all my kittens and cats personally to your home.   Sunny knew my son well, and when he was ready to take him home, I thought nothing of him picking him up and taking him home with him. Sunny, however, was terrified  in his new home, which was shocking since he was such a confident show cat and friendly with my son.   Since I was going to cat sit him anyway in a week while they went on a trip, I had him bring him back and we would do a "do over" when he got back.  This time, I took Sunny myself to their home, along with his buddy and half brother, Mikey Jr., who I could take anywhere.  MJ walked out of his carrier and into their home like he owned it, and Sunny soon followed his big brother's lead.  About an hour later, they fed him and we left quietly with MJ.  No further issues.   I have followed a similar pattern with nearly every one of my kittens and cats, though usually not with MJ.  I take them hungry, we play for awhile while I answer questions, they feed and I quietly leave.  My scent is now in the new home and they have had time to get to know their new environment with me there, and everyone I have delivered this way has immediately adapted to their new home.  


GP Slava Lovely Sunrise

GC, BWR, RW Cyberkoshki Call Me Faithful

  • Call Name:  "Caleb"

  • DOB: 12/16/17

  • Color: Blue Mackerel Tabby

  • Sex:  Male

  • Sire:  GC, RW Slava Call Me Regal

  • Dam: Taiga Star Ol'Gerda

  • Breeder: Lucy Drury

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2018)

    • CFA Best of Breed Siberian (2018-19)

    • CFA Regional Winner 3rd Best Kitten (2018-19)

    • CFA Regional Winner 7th Best Cat (2018-19)

  • Notes: ​Caleb was the first cat under our cattery name to win the CFA Siberian Best of Breed, joining his uncles BB and Joey.  He took over as our primary stud male from his Uncle Joey after retiring from a brief but successful show career.  To date, he has sired 20 kittens in 6 litters with his best girl, Freya.  We believe he has sired his first litter with his new girlfriend Misty.  Stay tuned. This will be our first litter where both parents have been bred by us.  

GC, AC Folie a Deux Velma Kelly

  • Call Name:  "Velma"

  • DOB: 09/18/2018

  • Color: Brown Classic Tabby

  • Sex:  Female

  • Sire: GC, BWR, RW, AW Slava Billy Flynn of Folie a Deux

  • Dam: GC Lumikissen Paivansade

  • Breeder: Lucy Drury

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Champion (2019)

    • CFA 3rd Best of Breed Siberian R1 -R9  (2019-20)

    • CFA Best of Breed Siberians R1 North Atlantic (2019 - 2020)

  • Notes: ​Velma came to us as an adult, having had two litters for her prior owners.  We were offered her on a lease as we were short breeding females at the time.  We jumped at the chance, as Velma is the granddaughter of Sarah, and those lines were lost to us when we spayed Sarah.  We were not disappointed - Velma is the perfect mom and is producing spectacular kittens.    Four of them are still with us - PR Cyberkoshki The Greatest Story ("Story"), Cyberkoshki Moonlite Golden Mist("Misty"), and our newest show cats, Cyberkoshki I Found My Thrill("Berry") and Cyberkoshki Yukon Golden Star("Tater Tot"). Velma and Danny are expecting their third litter; possibly before I get this page updated and published.  

2020-04-13 17.47.26-2.jpg

GP, RW Cyberkoshki Moonlite Imaginations

  • Call Name:  "Bali, Snowball"

  • DOB: 9/26/2018

  • Color: Blue Lynx Point and White

  • Sex:  Neutered Male

  • Sire:  GCD, BWR, RW Slava Imagine My Surprise

  • Dam: CH Charodey Moonlite Serenade of Slava

  • Breeder: Lucy Drury, Sherrie Phelps

  • Titles:

    • CFA Grand Premier (2019)

    • CFA Regional Winner 21st Best Cat in Premiership (2019-20)

  • Notes: ​Bali (we called him Snowball while he lived with us) has always been a special boy to us.  He and his littermates started out life via c-section late on a Friday nightat the local 24 hr emergency clinic.  The first few hours of their life were touch and go, and when the clinic sent us home, promising an update in the morning.  We went home, imagining the worst, waiting for a call, hence his name, Moonlite Imaginations.   When the vet called in the morning, it was to tell to come get mama and her four healthy, nursing babies.  Hence his red brother's name, Sunrise Miracle, aka "Lion", as the vet believed he was the one stuck in the birth canal but wasn't sure.  It was truly a miracle that Lion and Bali were up and nursing like nothing happened.  

  • Bali was truly the epitome of the slow-maturing Siberian.  His two brothers went to the home of two aspiring judging applicants to be shown by them as part of their training, his sister went to a pet home in Texas, and Bali stayed with us to be shown along with Freya.   There were other nice Siberian kittens out at the same time, so Bali rarely got a sniff at that Best of  Breed ribbon.  I contemplated placing him in a pet home, until a friend said I should keep showing him and that I would be able to title him without a problem once the other cats were out of his way.  

  • She was eventually right, but there is more to Bali's story than just earning his Grand Premier title. As a six month old kitten, at the same show a friend told me to keep showing him, another friend who was not showing a cat sat down by Bali and was quite taken by him. She told me "Trish would love him!".  "Trish, who?", I commented.  "Trish the animal trainer. Can I send his picture?"  I was fine with that, and the response back was immediate - "I love him!" By this time I had vaguely recalled sending her a picture or two of Mikey Junior for a casting call and noticed I was friends with her, as was nearly every other exhibitor in the midwest.  I thought to myself that she probably says that to all prospective clients. 

  • To make a very long story short, I was completely wrong in my assumptions. She had been looking for a Siberian of her own to train for a long time.  She actually did want him! A few months later, with the promise that I could show him to finish his title, I placed Bali with her.   What made it even easier is she only lived 8 miles away!  She went with me to the shows, and together we finished Bali's Grand Premier in October, 2019. I only had an inkling then about what doors Bali had opened for me.   

  • With Trish as his new mom, Bali's life also dramatically changed...and so did mine (more on that later).   He found himself in Hills' ads, on the backcover of CatTalk Magazine, invited to catnip "pawties",  handing out "High 5's" at conventions, wearing ugly sweaters in a video shoot with Phyllis from "The Office " (his footage didn't make the commercial - Kit Kat's did..) and even learning to ride and push a skateboard!  

CH, RW Taiga Star Freya of Cyberkoshki

  • Call Name:  "Freya"

  • DOB: 09/08/2018

  • Color: Blue Mackerel Tabby

  • Sex:  Spayed female

  • Sire: Zakhar Taiga Star

  • Dam: Jasno Solnishko Siberian Sapphire

  • Breeder: Olga Korbasova 

  • Titles:

    • CFA Champion (2019)

    • CFA Regional Winner 13th Best Kitten

  • Notes:  Freya will always have a special place in my heart. I took my first and only overseas trip to Moscow to get her myself and her sister Simona for the Slava cattery.  I spent four wonderful days seeing Moscow with my friends Nikolay and Svetlana, who were Duchess's co-breeders with Olga, along with a mad dash to the town of Tula where Olga lived to retrieve her papers when they didn't make it to Moscow.  We retired Freya after her 6th litter and may show her in Premiership in the 23-24 show season before sending her to a family member.  She is the mother of CFA 2022-23 Siberian Breed Winner GC, BWR, RW Cyberkoshki Call Me Mighty.  

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