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Welcome to Cyberkoshki Siberians!   We are a small, home-based Siberian cattery located near St. Louis, MO! 

Our cattery name was registered by its owner, Lucy Drury,  with the Cat Fanciers' Association on May 1st, 2015.  She had no plans to become a breeder at the time, but had been exhibiting Siberians for not quite 2 years, attending her first show in August 2013, as a new exhibitor.  The name of the cattery is a play on words - "Cyber" coming from her then career as an IT security manager for a very large healthcare firm, and "koshki" coming from the anglicized version of the plural Russian world for cats."   Her first show cat, the then kitten GCD, BW, RW Slava Better Believe It owned and bred by Sherrie Phelps, was so successful, he became the Siberian Best of Breed Siberian winner for the 2014 - 2015 Show Season.  

Lucy began her career as a breeder in the fall of 2016 and on Nov 14, 2016, not quite two weeks after she retired from her IT career, the first litter was born in her home, co-bred with Sherrie and bearing the Slava cattery name.  She began her solo breeding career the following year, importing a female, Taiga Star Ol'gerda, from the Taiga Star cattery in Russia.  She would import two more cats from Taiga Star, traveling to Russia herself in Jan. 2019 to pick up CH, RW Taiga Star Freya of Cyberkoshki from her now Russian friends.   To date, Lucy has bred and / or shown:

  • Five CFA Breed Winners

  • One female Distinguished Merit (gives birth to 5 or more Grand Champions or Grand Premiers)

  • Three Grands of Distinction (including the very first Siberian Grand of Distinction)

  • One National Winner

  • Many Regional Winners

  • Many Grand Champions/ Grand Premiers. 

Many breeders say they have show quality cats, but Cyberkoshki Siberians have been put to the test in many shows and in front of many judges,  and have come out on top not only in their breed, but among all breeds!


Why We Breed Siberians

When my life goes on hold for "kitten watch", I often ask that question. Breeding pedigree cats - or any animal for that matter, is not for everyone. It is a stressful and expensive undertaking.  Like many of you, showing and breeding was the furthest thing from my thoughts. I simply wanted a cat that woudn't trigger an asthma attack. When Major came into our lives, I was hooked on the breed. I'd never had a cat like him. In need of a hobby, I started showing them. It wasn't long after that that I started breeding them - first to help out a friend, then as as serious breeder wanting to produce the very best kittens we could to support my hobby - healthy, well-tempered, kittens of good type.  I no longer wanted to depend on others to produce kittens for me to show.  Every breeder and exhibitor has their own idea of what the "perfect" Siberian should be and the best way to ensure healthy, well-tempered and confident kittens, and I was no exception.  While our primary goal is to produce kittens suitable for "show" and for work as animal actors, we take great joy in providing the perfect family pet to our clients.  It is also a privilege to assist in bringing one of God's creations into the world, and everytime a new litter is born, I am reminded that the miracle of birth is truly a miracle!  

Business Practices

While Cyberkoshki Siberians is registered with the state of Missouri as a hobby breeder, we operate the cattery as a business.  As a business owner, we strive to provide you with a quality, healthy kitten or cat that matches your family and lifestyle, and customer experience second to none.   However, we are dealing in live animals that we grow extraordinarily attached to, and we reserve the right to refuse to place a kitten with anyone we feel is not a good match for a particular cat or kitten.  We do not discriminate based on any demographic, but we do go to great lengths to ensure our cats only go to loving homes that will give them the life they deserve.   Those efforts include having prospective owners fill out an adoption questionnaire to help us match the right kitten with the right owner, and when ever possible, we deliver the kitten directly to your home, including cross country or overseas (at addtional charge for trips longer than 350 miles.)  We know circumstances change, and we will take back and rehome any cat its owner is no longer able to care for, no questions asked.  

As of May 25, 2023, the price of our kittens is $2,500.  We will do everything we can to honor the published price at the time you ask to be added to our wait list,  but reserve the right to change the price if our costs increase significantly.  Included in the price are age-appropriate shots, spay or neuter, studio quality pictures, basic training (litter box, crate, harness, simple tricks as time permits), same-day delivery to your home by car, and a lifetime of support.   We also provide health warranties for infectious diseases (very limited),  HCM, FIP, and genetic abnormalities.   We will accept returns of kittens for full refund from allergy sufferers if you notify us before purchase you have allergies and return the kitten in good condition with in a month.  Other conditions apply.   We do offer discounts to repeat buyers or on retired show cats.  We do not charge more for show-quality cats or specific colors; in fact, we offer rebates to exhibitors who show our cats and title them.  We do not offer stud service.   We do not allow strangers to our home - only after we have met you in a public place and you have a deposit on a kitten will we allow you in our home.   We do not sell breeding cats to new breeders unless they are willing to show an altered cat and learn about the breed first.  We do charge more for breeding cats depending on the pedigree but will consider trades, etc.  

We do everything we can to provide you with a healthy, well-adjusted kitten and if even the smallest thing is not quite right with a kitten, we will be completely transparent about it.  Our kittens get at least two and usually three visits to our top-notch vet before delivery, and we provide you with our vet's contact information as a reference.  We genetically screen and health test the parents.   We do not do heart screens annually - we do them as often as it makes sense based on the parent's pedigree.  Many breeders screen annually, but we believe after the initial screening annual screenings are unnecessary.   Hereditary HCM often manifests itself before the age of 2 or around the age of 6, and there are clinical symptoms detectable on examination by a competent vet.  Rather than put the cats through the stress of annual ultrasounds and drive up the cost of the kittens to you, we do what makes sense: screen at least once between the ages of 1 and 2 and again after the age of 4, annual veterinary examinations, and careful choosing of breeding pairs, making sure they are as unrelated as possible and free of confirmed cases of HCM.  We offer a seven-year warranty against proven HCM, and to date we have had NO claims filed for HCM or any other health issue.    

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